East Shore Conservancy District


THE ESCD SITE LINK WILL BE CHANGING from www.eastshoresewerorg.com TO www.EastShoreSewer.org at some time in the future, so please be patient, it may take a few months.  Administrator 11.2.2021


This website has been set up to enhance communications for those within the sewer service area currently served by the The East Shore Conservancy District. This organization was formed in June of 2020 by the Marshall County Courts to help protect the waters of one of Indiana's most pristine natural lakes.  The sewer system was began in 1999 and then finally connected to the Town of Culver in 2020 by the not-for-profit East Shore Corp.  The entire system was purchased by ESCD from ESC in July of 2021 and is now operated under the rules of the State of Indiana.

Please check back to learn more as this site, and the sewer system, continue to develop.