East Shore

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This website has been set up to enhance communications for those within the sewer service area currently served by the Indiana not-for-profit known as The East Shore Corp. This organization was formed in 2000 by homeowners along the eastern shore of Lake Maxinkuckee to help protect the waters of one of Indiana's most pristine natural lakes.


At the time the wetland disposal system was constructed in 2001, the approach was considered an environmental breakthrough in Indiana.  Over time the growth along the eastern shore has overburdened the wetland system.   Originally designed to handle 25,000 gallons of sewage per week, today it handles over 65,000 gallons per week during peak summer seasons.  


The State of Indiana will no longer permit this type of system to be built due to the soil types that run through the wetland cell area.  After planning the last two years, the decision was reached by the Board and the Membership to construct a sewer line to carry the sewage generated by those within the area, to the Town of Culver's sewage treatment plant.  This will allow for a fail-safe way to serve those living along the eastern shore of this beautiful lake we all love.


Please check back to learn more as this site, and the sewer system, continue to be developed.